This thought provoking article by Uschi  Schreiber starkly sets out the correlation between globalisation and quality of life.

However there is no point looking back at the old ways, the 21st century will see digitalisation, automation and a change in production and manufacturing not witnessed in the 20th century, which itself transformed the world. The winners in this new way of life will be the companies that constantly innovate, those that are lean and challenge the norm.

The idea that masses of blue collar workers can get jobs back by protectionist policies is pie in the sky. However, it doesn't mean in shoring is wrong for society. 

As Uschi says in his article Mark Carney emphasises free trade does not mean improved quality for all. The reality is that it is all about education and skills, without that a young person will be severely disadvantaged. Focussing education on technological skills rather than traditional subjects has seen significant benefits in Europe.

While the increase in global population will drive manufacturing, it will not drive jobs. Therefore, thinking of a new way and redefined purpose of that increased population is fundamental to the future of the western liberal society.