The very positive reading from the PMI index shows that while the market is uncertain, the immediate bounce created from Brexit - namely a devaluation in sterling - has created good export opportunities.  

There are still headwinds ahead though. Devaluation means imports are more expensive and many supply chains are on long-term contracts. This means little opportunity to "go local" in the supply chain to reduce import costs. And while short-term profit can be made by sterling weakness on output, one would expect customers to renegotiate pricing via contractual variation clauses. 

Two more years of tariff free exports (and perhaps more) to the EU is positive, but the longer-term future remains uncertain.

US Trump protectionism may also be less of an issue as UK manufacturing does not tend to export "west". 

It will be interesting to see the PMI index this time next year as the Brexit discussions start in earnest, but while economic conditions favour exports UK manufacturing should make the most of it.