We have heard about how the UK can mirror Singapore in a post Brexit world - whether it be it's transport, tax or free trade arrangement. 

Singapore is obviously a much smaller city state, but one policy the UK should definitely review from Singapore is the focus on education in sciences. Singapore has a world class science learning  environment with areas like Biopolis where education is mixed with technology business.

Linking education, universities, research and industry together should be a focus for the UK in the post Brexit world. To encourage this the government should introduce tax reliefs for corporates linking into or partnering with universities. Research funding for Universities should be more closely linked to collaboration projects with industry.

The UK needs to take a lead in industry 4.0 and advanced manufacturing. The way to do this is via education focus in science, research linked to corporates and corporate incentives to link back to education and research.

In the post Brexit world the government has a real opportunity to mirror the Singaporean model and create a post industrial, highly educated advanced UK manufacturing economy.