We have seen universal endorsement of the UK government's industrial policy green paper. Indeed the 130 page paper covers many different initiatives and industries. Although it is more like a modern country's post-industrial ideal economy, it should not be knocked for setting a vision.

But can the proposed strategy keep everyone happy? 

The paper is important as it sets out what a modern industry 4.0 economy looks like. Industry is not just about making widgets, planes and automobiles. It's now about digitization and connecting the internet of things. It's not about blue collar manual workers, but more about highly educated, white collar workers working side by side with robots. We used to call an automated factory a "factory of the future". Well, we now operate in this future. 

Advanced manufacturing techniques like 4D printing are changing the game. We can't attribute a specific region of the country the manufacturing hub when 4D manufacturing is actually happening in the cloud. 

Once the dust is settled on the green paper it is important to remember the UK industrial strategy will be about future technologies, creative industries robotics and the internet of things - not about renewing old industries.