It is so encouraging to see that the Government has now published an Industrial Strategy which looks to the long term prosperity of our country. This has been something that the automotive industry has been keen to see for some considerable time and it is so refreshing to see that Government is now really getting behind industry as part of a wider strategy for securing the future wealth and prosperity of our country.

The Automotive Sector is already held out as a beacon of success with the UK set to produce more than two million vehicles a year by 2020. Moreover, the UK is also at the centre of the development of the automotive technologies of the future, particularly in relation to the development of battery, hybrid and driverless technology. Here, the first two pillars of the new industrial strategy (being investing in science, research and innovation alongside developing skills) will be music to the ears of the automotive sector.

In all of this, the excellence of our automotive sector, and its adoption of new technology, is recognised by the Government and the new Industrial Strategy. This should go a long way to providing encouragement to companies to continue to invest in the UK's automotive industry and the development of many of the new technologies which will be fundamental to the vehicles of tomorrow as the sector turns its focus to global markets.