If you are bored by Brexit, you should be. The UK has massive long-term structural problems. Whether or not we leave the EU makes no difference to most of them. Take one: the housing crisis. We need to build 400,000 houses a year. We manage a pitiful 100,000. Take a break from Brexit. What is needed is profound change in UK housing policy.

The solution to the UK housing crisis is obvious, but no one seems prepared to pursue it. Every time the UK's housing crisis has been solved, that solution has included mass council house building. Macmillan, as Housing Minister, built 300,000 homes a year in 50s. He did it by a multi-tenure housing crusade that included council houses. We need to do the same again. Cost of capital is at historic lows and modular techniques mean tens of thousands of homes a month could be built. The solution to the UK housing crisis is on the table. Someone needs the political courage to pick it up. Think of that next time the UK's Brexit obsession bores your brain out.