London produces 1/5th of UK GDP and 1/3 of UK tax revenue. The UK is a snooker table with too many balls in its south-east corner. This could be seen as a self-inflicted tragedy made by post-war governments of all colours. None have had an effective industrial policy for our declining heavy northern industries.

Instead, finance has been favoured and laissez faire laid waste to our old industrial heartlands. It doesn't have to be like this. Both France and Germany have successful home-grown industries (chemicals, cars and tech etc.), but Britain? Not so much.

We urgently need policies to rebalance the UK and stimulate industrial innovation. Ideally, we want a multi-centre, many-city economy like Germany's. One big step would be a transport network to link up our country at last. HS3 would be a wonderful start, with branching connections to all our major northern cities. If we link them, they will thrive.