While there are reservations about decreasing the green belt, there do not appear to be too many dissenters to the idea that we, as a nation, need more housing of the right type for our population and its changing demographic.  We've heard a lot about projects being spade ready since the financial crisis and, while we've seen movement in that sector and elsewhere, we've yet to see any real momentum. 

There are the usual comments about red tape and we do sometimes seem like a nation of backyard dwellers where we don't want anything in ours. However, surely we want to see some positives, some real incentives, at work in house building contracts. We pay for house building as a nation and rely on Government to act on our behalf. The Government has identified that the housing system is "broken".  It's rare you fix something without injecting money or other resources into it. The question then will we, will we get our money's worth?