While the Trump administration published interim guidance across the pond to clarify a recent executive order that calls for agencies to eliminate two regulations for every new regulation issued, my colleague Elizabeth Shepherd was answering questions to MPs in London. 

Elizabeth Shepherd, environmental expert in our diversified industrials sector, gave oral evidence at the Environmental Audit Committee's inquiry into The Future of Chemicals Regulation after the EU Referendum yesterday. It took place on one of the Committee Rooms in the Palace of Westminster.

Elizabeth answered questions for over an hour from MPs lead by Mary Creagh who chairs the committee, and including Caroline Lucas. The other two individuals giving evidence were Dr Michael Warhurst of CHEMTrust and Dr Apolline Roger of the University of Sheffield.

The questions ranged from the options for the development of chemicals regulation, to the capacity of the UK to address the challenges and issues around possible divergence. Elizabeth also covered possible transition arrangements for chemicals regulation, in particular REACH and biocides. Elizabeth was the only lawyer from private practice invited to give evidence. 

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