It comes as no surprise that Dyson has identified Singapore as its location for its R&D hub. Singapore has for years developed its education system to create top quality graduates. The state has sponsored students to travel abroad to get qualifications but on the understanding they would return to Singapore and create wealth for the state.

Biopolos and SIMTECH are just two successful organisations created as a result of this long term government policy.

Decades of lack of government focus in the UK means we are years behind and it will be a while before this can be turned around. The UK may still have top class research and teaching universities, but the graduate market is not given sufficient incentives nor organised well enough to challenge structured approaches like Singapore has implemented.

What is very significant is Dyson itself is sponsoring a new university in the midlands to start the creation of new hubs of engineering excellence.

The UK government's green paper on its industrial strategy must, once it's turned into a white paper, have a clear and distinct strategy about linking universities to different industrial hubs.

If it worked in Singapore it can work in Britain.