As the dust settles on the Oscar fiasco, news has emerged that the two PWC accountants responsible for 'the envelopes', will not be covering the votes process in 2018. 

Some press reports have been rather unkind to the pair, and some have called for dismissal. So, is removal of the Oscar duty fair punishment for the misconduct?

Whilst there may be details we are are not aware of, it is likely that the Oscar duties are only a very small (although admittedly high profile) part of their roles. If they have clean records and great reputations, dismissal may be at the harsh end of the reasonable range of responses. 

The incident may also have exposed issues with the PWC process for the envelopes and highlighted where improvements could be made. Indeed, I have seen a number of online posts on how the design of the print on the cards could have compounded the confusion. 

Ultimately, the mistake was rectified amicably between the parties within a few minutes. 

PWC will certainly want to be seen to have taken firm action, and with this decision, the accountants have been held to account.