There is a perception that being an enfant terrible at work is acceptable because it's justified by creative genius or it is simply part of the creative process for those who are brilliant. This is rubbish. While we are not all geniuses, we can all be creative, and we don't need to scream at colleagues in the process. 

It doesn't matter if your business is fashion or finance; if you want your team to bring their best ideas to work, you need to let them take risks and it's up to you (as the leader) to create the right environment. If your employees are afraid of being shouted down or not fitting into a series of narrow KPIs, they will always go for the safe option and produce whatever has worked in the past. In other words, same old same old.

Marco Bizzarri is absolutely right that respect at work underpins all of this. Fostering a respectful workplace isn't just a woolly thing we do just to tick a compliance box; it is a vital part of creating a culture that encourages risk-taking and creativity.