One initiative the government is considering for its industrial strategy is clustering research through catapult centre funding and investment based on localised strengths.

Each locally elected partnership (LEP) is lobbying for their respective area to get investment in the government cluster approach but they can't all claim to be national leaders in advanced manufacturing. This research will be used by the government as part of its determination. 

Clusters will not just be linked to traditional manufacturing like auto, aerospace and chemicals but also in creative industries, nanotechnology and data processing. 

Government investment in industrials will become more targeted down the line and external investment will be encouraged. This investment may extend to research at universities and academies (at high school level) in due course.

This experiment in creating Britain's own silicon valleys and MITs could transform the way the country will be run in the next 50 years.

The announcement on industrial clusters, expected within the next 6 months, will be one of the most important announcements around a post-Brexit industrial strategy.