The European Commission has recently indicated that it is not in favour of Emmanuel Macron's proposal for the implementation of a "Buy European" policy in relation to certain public procurements (see report via the link below).  

Questions have been raised as to whether this policy might in any event be possible, given the EU's obligations under the WTO's Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA).  The answer to this is that, in theory, some form of a "Buy European" policy can be made to work.  This is on the basis that the GPA's coverage - when compared to that of the EU procurement directives - is more limited.  

Also, depending on the US Government's review of the Buy America(n) waivers (on which, see here: ) the schedules to the GPA - setting out the extent to which GPA parties are willing to open up their procurement markets to suppliers of other GPA parties - might themselves be up for re-negotiation.  Whether any of this is desirable, is another matter.